We operate throughout the national territory thanks to a network of strategically displaced technicians, guaranteeing continuity of service thanks to availability 365 days a year.



A specialized technician, following operating procedures, will place the system in the position of use, will verify the calibrations of the instruments and the functionality of the plant, performing all the checks by certi fi ed instrumentation and with the final release of the test report necessary for the 12 month warranty activation.


It consists in the execution of No. 2 annual passages of specialized technicians, who will carry out a series of technical and functional, electrical and electronic checks, including the replacement of worn parts and the re-calibration of the instruments. All to prevent anomalies or malfunctions that could compromise the correct functionality of the systems and minimize emergency interventions.


It consists of the registration of the system on the SFCM platform and of the electronic device (display) of an M2M sim for automatic connection. Upon the occurrence of an anomaly, the Customer receives an e-mail containing the alert, including the alarm code and the contact details to refer to in order to open a technical assistance ticket, should this be necessary.
The provision of this service is only possible on systems equipped with a display set up for remote management.


The service consists in the remote control of the correct operation of the transformation plant through the use of a software for remote monitoring (SFRC) of the machine parameters. The telemonitoring platform (SFCM) guarantees a service active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the storage of H.A.C.C.P. up to 2 years on dedicated servers and the ability to download them at any time. This tool alerts the user if abnormal data is measured, indicators of a loss of e ciency on the monitored plants. In this way it is possible to act quickly to solve the problems while maintaining e ffi ciency over time. The M2M sim is included.
The provision of this service is only possible on systems equipped with a display set up for remote management (F400).


Availability of a technical expert in production for assistance relating to the management and control of the product being processed. The start-up will take place in the presence of a production expert specialized in the "Cuomo Method", then it will be supplied by telephone throughout the year.
The product and production checks are carried out remotely and / or on-site with 2 annual passes, by a production expert technician for technological assistance relating to the product, which ensures timely diagnostics and an immediate assessment of the need for actions to improve the result of the fi nal product.


The Maturmeat®, Stagionello® and Pesciugatore® reconditioned are certified by Stagionello® Store, are your original patented equipments subjected to a complete series of tests and verifications.
They must pass the strict reconditioning process Stagionello® Store, ISO 9001-2015 certified for the construction of microclimatization, maturing, seasoning and food preservation system.
12 months warranty.