Curing systems for cured meats with natural pH control
Stagionello® is a pH-controlled cabinet with a seasoning, drying, smoking and cooking system. It is designed, manufactured and patented 100% MADE in ITALY. The seasoning cabinet is specific for the production of the main types of traditional Italian and international cured meats; those with rapid acidification such as: Felino, Soppressata Calabrese, Milan, Naples, Cinta Senese, Finocchiona, Varzi, Saucisson, Ungherese, Embutido, Chorriso, Sobrassada, Kabanos, Skilandis and Figatellu. Raw or long fermentation such as Prosciutto Crudo, Coppa, Bresaola, Capocollo, Pancetta and Speck. Alternatively, cooked or smoked like: Mortadella, Leberwurst, Speck Falukorv, Cotechino, Zampone and N'duja.

The experience made directly on the field by the inventor Alessandro Cuomo, from which the Method takes its name, was then transferred through training to some of the most important University Professors of Gastronomic Sciences around the world. Thus has constituted the means by which we managed, under license for the production and marketing of the patent, to combine the skills of our craftsmen, technicians and production experts. The fermentation of meat at controlled pH levels, once a utopia, today represents a point of reference by creating a unique service to support customers who use our seasoning cabinets, both in production and in scientific research for the continuous improvement of traditional cured meats.

The Stagionello® cabinets and walk in cold rooms are built entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel with a scotch-brite finish both internally and externally to protect food contact and contamination. The Cabinets can be incorporated into furnishings or walls. The doors are completely in AISI 304 stainless steel; all have a large double-glazed glass with UV protection and are equipped with lock and key to allow use both in the laboratory and in the sales area. The large glass on the door allows you to monitor product on sight and in the sales area and is consequently an attractive Italian design display showcase. The four extendable stainless steel legs allow perfect stability. The exterior can be customized from a wide range of colors and coatings by our skilled Italian craftsmen. These are just some of the features that make the unique patented Stagionello® and its range of cabinets and walk in cold rooms guaranteed to be the most copied in the world!

Stagionello® is equipped with a patented and integrated pH system (via the pH probe) and a professional drying system that allows it to control the fermentation and therefore the acidification of the salami safely and in compliance with all food safety requirements by law. HACCP management is recorded correctly and simultaneously. The recorded acidification processes can be viewed through graphic printouts on the large color LCD, and sent via email to the quality managers, allowing you to have safe cured meats and reliable data, traced in the HACCP recordings of both the CP and CCP during all phases during the seasoning of cured meats. Climacure® Integrated ATU "air treatment unit" made entirely of stainless steel, does not require the use of dangerous plastic or painted polystyrene for indirect or direct contact with the cured meats in seasoning, management and control of air flow. It allows precise ministration of drying while avoiding contamination and incrustations. It is possible to vary the air flow and speed inside the cabinets or the Stagionello® seasoning cold rooms through the modules of stored or storable data flow activity for each individual seasoning phase, so that the cured meats do not undergo violent micro-climate impact during the delicate initial stages.

Fumotic® Stagionello® cabinets are equipped with a Fumotic®, an innovative patented device for the humidification / flavoring of cured meats. The flavoring system allows the natural smoking of cured meats through a unique system that uses liquids and avoids dangerous combustion allowing a low temperature smoke recirculation in the cabinet or in the salami seasoning cold rooms, without leaving “tar” residue on walls and surfaces. The system cleans itself at the end of each smoking cycle set, avoiding further cleaning and sanitization times. The professional seasoning system Stagionello®, can work independently or can be connected to the building water system. It is equipped with two water/natural flavor tanks and if you do not want to fill the water tank manually, it is equipped with a direct water connection for filling and draining.

Sicur Food Control® IOT 4.0 Sicur Food Control®, a device and control method for the management and transformation of food, in a closed, fixed or mobile environment. (European Patent N ° EP2769276B1 recognized and approved both by the EPO European Patent Office and by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and by the Federcarni_Federation of Italian Butchers. The RASFM_Rapid Alert System for Dry Age Meat and Fish Cabinet is integrated into the food safety device of the Sicur Food Control cabinets. The system automatically recognizes the deterioration of the food through continuous pH analysis. When the meat, fish or other foods in fermentation degrade, the device detects the criticality and starts an immediate action to bring the values back into a safe pH range, simultaneously sending an electronic alert notification to the quality manager or to the person responsible indicated in the HACCP manual.

The Sicur Food Control® device, IOT 4.0, manages and monitors the refrigeration, ventilation, humidification, smoking, cooking, washing and pH systems remotely 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, thus allowing rapid technical intervention in case of malfunction of the individual components or of the systems integrated in the Stagionello® cured meats cabinets. The revolutionary and programmable SFC® control system, integrated with all Stagionello® seasoning cabinets, is equipped with dedicated software. All cabinets and seasoning cold rooms for traditional cured meats come with a “License for Use” for the end user. A 7-inch color LCD Display makes it intuitive and easy to use, program and manage the 'Climatic Recipes' programs for seasoning, drying, smoking and cooking all types of traditional cured meats, automatically and all the sequential stages of seasoning.