From 60 Kg to 200 Kg per month of
smoked and dry aged fish
Cabinets for smoking and drying fish
with natural Ph control
Pesciugatore® is the only cabinet for Dry Age Fish with pH controlled, also smoking and curing of sea salamis, even cooked like tuna mortadella, a guaranteed, European patented EP2769276B1 and 100% produced in Italy. ​

The system that reproduces a series of microclimates ideal for curing, smoking, dry aging, cooking, of all types of fish. the series of cabinets for smoking salmon, tuna, swordfish with pH controlled patented, in addition to the Dry Age of the amberjack, is used to curing salami of raw fish such as salmon speck and lonza di tonno, the cooking version, in addition to the Dry Age, maturation and smoking of fish, also cooks all types of cooked sea salamis, such as cooked tuna ham or tuna, squid and pistachio mortadella.

Pesciugatore® fish smoking cabinets are made entirely of Aisi 304 stainless steel with a scotch-brite finish both on the inside and on the outside, which can be in contact with food and can be recessed into furnishings or walls. The doors are totally in AISI 304 stainless steel, all have a large double-glazed glass with UV protection and are equipped with locks with keys, so as to allow use both in the laboratory and in the sales area. The exterior can be customized, choosing from a wide range of colors and coatings. Thanks to the Fumotic® patents and Climacure® as standard on all Dry Aging cabinets, it guarantees the perfect production and management of adjustable humidity. These are just some of the features that make the Pesryer® and its line of patented, guaranteed and most copied fish maturation cabinets unique in the world!