July 2020 is a Historic date for the "100% Traditional Italian Salami"

Three months have passed since Italy has brought to the attention of the European Union the proposal for a national decree, which provides for the obligation to indicate the origin of pork in processed products such as Salami.

Europe has not pronounced negatively to this in the last 3 months hence the measure can be approved in Italy nationwide. Therefore, this is a memorable day. An achievement for us operators in the sector who have always worked in support of Italian breeders and producers. In fact, this provision requires that the producers legibly indicate the following information on the labels: Country of birth of the animals, Country of breeding, Country of slaughter. When the meat comes from pigs born, raised and slaughtered in the same country, the indication of the origin may appear in the form "Origin: (name of the country)". The wording '100% Italian' can therefore only be used when the meat comes from pigs born, raised, slaughtered and processed in Italy.

Finally, our ideas for safe and traditional cured meats begin to materialize. With Stagionello® we have always shared a vision strongly linked to Made in Italy. In unsuspected times, when for some the ‘Made in Italy’ food, was just a trend, thanks to the application of the Cuomo Method (Device and Method Patented by Alessandro Cuomo. Patent N ° EP2769276B1), Stagionello closes the circle of a salami production chain totally Made in Italy, tracked, verifiable and continuously monitored. In Italy as well as abroad, we have transmitted and continue to do so every day conveying our knowledge to managers of the traditional food supply chain all over the world. With the Stagionello Academy, we have always supported the idea that a ‘Made in Italy’ salami is made of Italian raw materials, which preserve the historical memory of our country. What the animal eats, the land where it is raised ...  are the first ingredients of a real 100% Italian salami.

Traceability and safety are therefore the two prerogatives of a decree that arrives at the most appropriate historical and economic moment. The massive closures of the activities due to #covid 19 have in fact caused damage to our agricultural activities and to the 5,000 Italian herds now on their knees due to unfair foreign competition. It is the right time to say enough to foreign meats often served as Italian. Today more than ever the philosophy of "from farm to fork" needs to be supported by laws. 

End consumers, with #iorestoacasa, have acquired a new awareness, adopting greater responsibility in the choices they make at the time of purchase. The final consumer wants healthy foods, 0 km and above all from entirely ‘Made in Italy’ supply chains. The time is right to rediscover and let the whole world rediscover true and original ‘Made in Italy’, produced in a safe and controlled way. Only this way can we bring those 35 million Italians, who each week bring seasoned and cooked salami to the table, the genuine and safe flavors of the past.


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