The future is now: research, creativity and technology to obtain unique and incomparable dishes

Defy time and dispel myths.

Fresh fish may no longer be a dogma.

Whether it is more noble or not, according to taste, fish can be "treated" like meat.

The aging, maturation and transformation techniques of the so-called processed meats are now well established.

On seafood, however, there is still a lot of skepticism but above all a lot to know and discover.

Therefore, the ancient cliché that identifies the best possible product in fresh fish begins to creak to the sound of wonderful recipes, adopted by the pioneering chefs of fish refinement.

In the kitchen, excellence is the result of research associated with high quality raw materials.

Obtaining an optimal maturation, in which the flavor of the fish increases exponentially, associating it with refined cooking techniques, is the perfect combination to reach starry heights.

Let's say right away that this technique has the advantage, not only of enhancing the taste, tenderness and nutritional values, but also obviates the ancient and long-standing problem of the rapid perishability of fish, even keeping it up to a month or more.

It is good to clarify that this is a very complex process, far from simple drying, such as the one used for the “stocco”, for example.

We are talking about a fish that retains all its moods, which preserves the substantial peculiarities of the fresh one and which increases the texture of the meat, the intensity of the aroma and the concentration of flavor: all parameters that are amplified, without undergoing any changes. .

A fish that improves thanks to the experience accumulated with the maturation processes of the meat, transferring and adapting the know-how to the raw material of the sea.

On the other hand, after all the popular culture, now widely assimilated, who is still willing to eat a rib of beef from a animal slaughtered a few days earlier?

Also for fish, in order to reach an ideal tasting point, the fundamental aging processes are necessary first, and then maturation.

Eminent chefs, who have made research into the transformation of fish their main study, show us the errors commonly committed, in the mistaken belief that the right path is being taken.

Discovering that we have always been wrong to "chill" fish under ice is a mortification, both for us and for the fish product.

An unprecedented and counterproductive stress, useful only for slightly prolonging storage, but responsible for the loss of aromas, flavors and nutritional values.

And again: would you ever say that the worst enemy of a being who spends his life immersed in water is precisely uncontrolled humidity?

Just as the masters of boning in the butcher's shop portion the anatomical sections, the skilled chefs prepare the fish for refinement by eliminating the scales and some external scraps of the skin, eviscerating them from the internal organs.

Subsequently, the desquamated, bled and gutted fish is hung with a hook in a special "chamber", where a special probe, which checks and governs the pH, will control its temperature, humidity and air circulation.

Thanks to these three simple natural parameters, the fish can refine in complete safety, scientifically avoiding any bacterial proliferation.

It goes without saying that different fish species and different sizes will need specific refinement times.

From an ethical-sustainable perspective, as well as the rediscovery of "poor foods", fish and meat, nothing is thrown away.

The fish refining technique allows you to use every anatomical part, significantly reducing the percentage of waste, for the benefit of taste, optimization and entrepreneurial profit.

The rules of serving require perfect cuts, but it is also true that the new trends and business needs are oriented, as well as towards the "0 Km", towards the "0 Waste".

Using almost all of a fish, it will be possible to fish less, preserving the sea and fish resources, thus combining profit and sustainability.

In fact, the partnership between the Stagionello® Store, manufacturer of Stagionello fish curing device®, a patented Cuomo Method® device, and some of the most renowned chefs in the world, has meant that, thanks to the integrated cooking kit, real masterpieces of sea, combining cuts of fillets, internal organs, small fish, molluscs and crustaceans, obtaining extraordinary cotechini or seafood mortadella.

A restaurant will no longer be forced to go to the frantic search for fresh fish of the day, will no longer have to throw away the scraps, having to get rid of the unsold, and will not be forced to freeze and lose taste and authenticity, but will have an excellent, refined product and improved compared to fresh, relying on a patented device and method, placed at the service of the creativity of the chefs and the greatest taste for the customer, as well as being economically much more convenient for both and protecting the health of the consumer and the sea.

That's why, for the varied world of fish in the kitchen, the future is now.