For years, Stagionello® has worked to develop a method that preserves traditional foods and artisanal craftmanship safely and naturally and studies technological solutions that adapt to the production and displaying needs of every type of business.

Research that has led to the creation of 5 different product lines culminating in the design par excellence of the CUSTOM devices: customised projects that are not only created to meet specific customer requirements, but are also offered as solutions to pre-existing spaces, optimising the functionality of classic cold rooms by projecting towards innovative, next-generation food processing systems.

Custom devices are designed for curing meat, fish or salami through the pioneering performance of Stagionello® Meat Curing Device, Stagionello® Fish Curing Device and Stagionello® Salami Curing Device for productions from 300 kg to 5,000 kg.

They are exceptional solutions for large and small businesses, such as meat processing centres, large-scale retail trade, short supply chains, meat trading companies, breeding facilities, production and processing companies, or those who want to maximise the efficiency of their existing space. Different businesses with the same objective:  valorize their product through pH verification and management.

A solution that retains the advantages of the Cuomo Method®: control, analysis and management through all food processing phases within the patented climatic device, always through the intuitive IoT 4.0 device, from which to monitor humidity, air speed, temperature and pH values and range.

Constant monitoring of the physical parameters ensures weight loss management, it recreates an ideal microclimate within the system that will favour what is called 'enzymatic maturation', which reduces drastic water loss, naturally present in the tissues, but favours its binding with proteins within the structure of the muscle fibres.

The beginning of the process brings a 13% weight loss in the first 30 days of maturation, which tends to slow down, following the formation of the characteristic 'outer cap', which will preserve tender and flavourful meat, enhancing its unique nutritional values.

In addition, by means of the continuous pH management system, the shelf-life of raw material is preserved for up to 12 months, inhibiting the proliferation of mould or bacteria, while guaranteeing a food-safe, high-quality product that complies with all current food-safety guidelines and standards.

Operators using the Custom devices, can always depend on the original Stagionello® Systems: Data logging on the HACCP system and the patented integrated cleaning system, Cleaning in Place®: which guarantees autonomous sanitization of the entire system.  Operators also have the reliability of the Fumotic®: the flavouring smoke system that gives unprecedented nuance during processing.

As with all Stagionello® systems, the Custom line is also equipped with 4.0 technology, making it one of the eligible assets benefiting from incentives under the 4.0 Industry state plan, thanks to its advanced Remote Management and Remote Diagnostics Services.

For your very own cold storage conversion plan to a processing system, prerequisites must be verified through a free consultation with Stagionello® experts, who will take the customer step by step through the whole implementation process. 

Intelligent solutions that preserve and facilitate artisanal professions by guaranteeing quality and ready-to-eat food that, above all, ensures the food-safety of your entire production for a more sustainable, profitable and traditionally innovative future.