Deliveries Resumed, after warehouse stocks were “Sold Out”

Deliveries Resumed, after warehouse stocks were “Sold Out”

Good morning. We are to inform you that, due to the high demand for the 4.0 models, which in this period in Italy enjoy financial benefits of up to 95%, the patented machines Maturmeat®️, Stagionello®️ and Pesciugatore®️ could suffer further delays in deliveries.

Also consider that, with the release of the new Pesciugatore®️ patent (production of raw or cooked fish cured meats) and the reopening of the restaurants, Alessandro Cuomo has communicated the "sold out" of the new S.F.C. (Sicur Food Control®️) in just 27 days from its presentation.

Arredo Inox Srl warns that, even if with further delays, deliveries will be guaranteed in order of date and with the "pre-order" in place.
Retailers around the world are contacting their customers to inform them that the 4.0 models ordered could be delivered with a further delay than the set date and that the Italian manufacturer is making all possible organizational efforts for the procurement of raw materials.

As guaranteed, deliveries have already resumed in some non-EU countries to various distributors, who will deliver as soon as possible once customs cleared.


The Production Staff
Maturmeat®️ Stagionello®️ Pesciugatore®️