Dario Cecchini & Amy Riolo #Parliamone!

The Stagionello® Channel will host two major international correspondents who are exemplars of Italian Food in the world.

As every week, this Friday’s episode of  "Parliamone (Let's talk): Fears, Rules and Opportunities in the new world of Catering and Butchery", broadcasting LIVE on Stagionello® Store Facebook page and on the YouTube Stagionello® Channel.

This week, a guest not only extraordinary ... but truly unprecedented: Dario Cecchini!
The world renowned Dario Cecchini, famous for his Art in Butchery, is a great character as well as the protagonist of traditional Italian butchery worldwide. Well known beyond national borders for his fight for Chianina breeds during the Mad-Cow  epidemic in 2001, Dario Cecchini is an unmitigated expert in the world of meat, and in this episode, he will aid us facing the issues of “Phase 2 restart” of the COVID-19 Pandemic. After a first phase in which businesses have had to adapt with its own means to survive the pandemic, they are now faced with new fears and new regulations and Dario Cecchini will help us to put new opportunities under the magnifying glass for once. Ambassador of Butcheries globally, leader, together with gastronomes in international broadcasts like Chef Table, Dario Cecchini is above all, a great teacher and mentor, a friend and partner who supports the art of Butchery in all its forms ... provided they are oriented towards healthy, genuine and nutritious meats.

Dario Cecchini_Maturmeat

The new rules and guidelines will heavily impact butchers and restaurants. We should therefore put ourselves out there and suggest to those who govern us if these new regulations are compatible with the butchery business. This theme is very important to ensure that the excellence in traditional butchery and the new restaurant-butchery of the young contemporaries, can find their dimension within this new reality of coexistence with Covid19. The extraordinary Amy Riolo will be our correspondent LIVE from the District of Washington in the United States.  She is an expert on the Mediterranean Diet and author of many books that have now become best sellers, as well as a very popular YouTuber.  Amy will help us deal with the theme of Butchery in the United States, new Butchery and meat consumption trends. In the United States, paradoxically, the traditional typical Italian Butchery tends to be the innovation trend. Small specialty shops of excellence, in past years, have been annihilated in favor of large supermarkets and hypermarkets, could now be favored by the introduction of these new rules that must avoid gatherings, and bring back the desire to clients that appreciate a direct contact with the meat expert in this new pandemic phase. So as we mentioned in the last episode, the concept of innovation must be filtered by the reality you live in, by the geo-location of a given company and above all from the legal and disciplinary guideline standpoints.


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