No limits to meat maturation: Industrial Line

With the WalkIn line you can choose whether to mature the meat on a trolley or on a hook and, thanks to the total view version, equipped with a large illuminated window and led lights, the product will be visible in a pleasant way and to ensure safety

Red meat is able to cure. Studies support the Cuomo Method

Red meat is able to cure. Studies support the Cuomo Method

Meat is not only harmless but is also able to cure: this is what has emerged from the studies carried out by the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Production (DMVPA) at Federico II University of Naples and the Department of Precision Medicine at the Luigi Vanvitelli University of Campania.

Promoting a safe and legal maturation of meat

Promoting a safe and legal maturation of meat

The Cuomo method, patented at national and European level, is the only one able to guarantee the maturation of food in a food safety regime, according to the highest international standards.

Choose the only patented technology to produce your cured meats and your matured meat

Do you want to savour delicious matured meats and cured meats with a traditional method, fast and, above all, safe? With the original, natural and patented Cuomo® Method it is possible to carry out traditional maturation and curing processes, without the addition of chemicals.

The Cuomo® Method according to the Academy

For years Alessandro Cuomo, creator of the patents related to the Cuomo® Method, as well as expert in Agro-Alimentary Quality and Safety International Systems BRC - ISF - K.H.C. - ISO 9001-22000,

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