The Cuomo® Method presented at the SMAU in Milan as a case history of Open Innovation.

The Cuomo A great national success for the Cuomo Method®, presented as a case history at the SMAU in Milan in the Open Innovation Section.

July 2020 is a Historic date for the "100% Traditional Italian Salami"

Three months have passed since Italy has brought to the attention of the European Union the proposal for a national decree, which provides for the obligation to indicate the origin of pork in processed products such as Salami.

Dario Cecchini & Amy Riolo #Parliamone!

The Stagionello® Channel will host two major international correspondents who are exemplars of Italian Food in the world.

Meat quality improvement indexes through the "maturation" process with the "Cuomo Method"

Meat quality improvement indexes through the "maturation" process with  systems and innovative pH-controlled maturation methods, the "Cuomo Method".

Everything you need to know about dry aging fish

Here is everything you need to know about maturing, drying, smoking and cooking fish and cured fish salami.

Sanitizing production laboratories in times of Coronavirus

Matursan® and Stagiosan® have a bactericidal action which acts on the so-called "live germs". What does it mean?

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