Marinos Souranis

The desire for a high quality flavors and exceptional respect for the environment has become an innovation that has materialized by safely maturing fish thanks to the introduction of the Cuomo Method® in fish transformation processes. All fresh fish species offered by the Aegean Sea are selected and expertly cared for by Chef Marinos Souranis, who handles the raw material as if it were gold.


His Tuna Bottarga, now famous throughout Greece, surprised the committee who were struck not only by the flavors but also by the extraordinary technology supporting this chef’s processing system for his various recipes. The freshness and complex processing but with a precious respect for the raw material not wasting even an ounce. A genuine wholesomeness of the food ... as well as the unmistakable flavor of the Greek Sea.

With his Tuna and Bottarga, the chef from Marathia wins the attention and taste sensors of the most important gastronomic technical committee nationwide and in 2020 he wins the one and only prize of Greek gastronomy awarded, the "Toques d'Or", given to the best restaurants in Greece from Athinorama Magazine and Alpha Guide. It is an award that, given its twenty-year history and the importance it holds, can be equated with the infamous Michelin Star.