Renzo Garibaldi

It all started from there and now Renzo Garibaldi is very famous, and his Osso butcher shop, located in the La Molina district of Lima, is literally changing the face of Peruvian cuisine, attracting the attention of  leading experts in the sector. The young Peruvian butcher managed to specialize and bring out an immeasurable talent that led him to the great kitchens of the world with Massimo Bottura and Gastón Acurio.


Entering his butchery / laboratory is like setting foot in a small meat paradise. On the one hand it is possible to witness the various phases of maturation of his meats in the Maturmeat® which is not a simple showcase but machine that works, producing very tender steaks and guaranteeing food safety.

Maturmeat® allows you to mature, age and store meats, lengthening consumption times without any risk. The meat, like that of the Osso butcher, takes on a very dark external color and loses overall weight compared to its initial state due to dehydration. The result is a food safe product with robust flavors that withhold the nutrients our body needs. Garibaldi fully embraced our vision: he specialized and transformed himself, guaranteeing to himself and his customers, products of the highest quality, every day.

His great success is also our success. It represents the success of Alessandro Cuomo, inventor of Maturmeat®, and of Arredo Inox, currently the only company licensee of his patents.