Accademia Italiana Stagionello®

The Academy specializes in organizing technical and commercial training courses, seminars, conferences, congresses and events for training institutes, professionals, retailers, users and Public Bodies. It organizes scientific, technical, technological and international Masters training courses in its educational centers in Italy (Crotone, Casale Monferrato, Milan) and in classrooms accredited in Italy and abroad.
Intensive Technical Course
The technical course is held by Stagionello® Service. The purpose of this course is to specialize the network of technicians involved in the pre and post sales service of the plants that used the patented Cuomo Method. The intensive course lasts 2 days (about 8/10 hours). The technicians will obtain the skills and confidence necessary to work with the patented plants, giving Stagionello® retailers and Service Points a significant advantage in assisting and taking care of customer needs.

Advanced Technical Course
The purpose of this four-day course is to improve the skills of the Stagionello® Service technicians, allowing them to install, start, solve problems, and service the Stagionello® and Maturmeat® patents. During the four days the technicians will have a complete and detailed picture of the production, assembly, and functionality of our patents through theoretical lessons and of course practical training.
Technological course
This course is organized and held by the Academy throughout the national and international territory. The topics of the course will focus mainly on the uniqueness of the Cuomo Method and the patented Stagionello® and Maturmeat® and Pesciugatore® machines; on how technology is involved in food patents (through the patented method) and on the positive implications in terms of quality and safety deriving from the use of this patented method. The duration is about 4 hours.
Scientific course
The Technical Scientific course is based on technical, scientific and safety notions related to meat processing (maturation and maturing). The participants will be provided with basic and in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. The deepening of one or more topics is bound to the total number of hours of the course. At the end of the course, students will receive a certificate of participation and the issue of certifications. These courses are provided by Dr. Alessandro Cuomo as Inspector S.G.Q. ISO 9001 and International Food Safety N.S.F. - B.R.C. - I.S.F. - K.H.C. The Scientific course is divided into three types per mount hours: 16/40/120 hours.
International Master Class For Traditional Salami
The Master Class for Traditional Salami, organized by the Academy, is an international training course in English, dedicated to all those who want a high level professional training aimed at deepening culture and encouraging job placement in the sector. Internationality is the key word of the Master. The course gives participants, even without any previous experience in the field, all the skills related to the whole process of preparation and processing of cold cuts, from scientific notions to tasting. The course aims to provide a basis of theoretical and practical knowledge to discern the different types of cured meats present in the market, assessing their quality. It also offers the tools to learn about production processes: from breeding breeds to cuts and maturing to preservation techniques, and provides an in-depth study of current regulations concerning food safety in the various countries. The participants, therefore, will be prepared for the communication and marketing of the product, in particular on direct sales to the customer, advising the same at the time of purchase and providing indications on the quality and characteristics of the products on sale. The Master Class for Traditional Salami provides immediately spendable notions and techniques for the participants for inclusion in the labor market. A week of workshops, itineraries, practical tests and classrooms accompanied by the leading experts in the field.

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