Years of research geared towards technologically innovative solutions that materialize with applications and machinery serving food safety make our company the undisputed leader in the processing and conservation of meat and fish. Our only goal is to satisfy the customer by providing specific advice, providing technologically advanced solutions and encouraging his business idea.
Mission: Design and produce microclimatization systems and cabinets for traditional food processing; to innovate and improve the restaurant, transformation and preservation sector of typical and autochthonous Italian foods, in Italy and abroad.
Vision: "Protecting and encouraging the production and consumption of typical and traditional foods".

100% made in Italy

We are the only company in Italy to be certified on "Design and manufacture of microclimatic plants and cabinets for the maturation, maturing, drying and preservation of food products (IAF 18)".
The production of the patented systems takes place entirely in Italy. Each system is controlled and tested by a team of expert technicians. To guarantee the quality of our products, all the technical departments of the company talk regularly to promote continuous improvement. To guarantee our partners maximum production performance our Stagionello® Service Technical Assistance Center is rooted throughout the country and is able to intervene in a few hours.